Why Do I need life insurance?

By James Tobin, CFP

Critical Takeaways

  • Insurance is about protecting your loved ones from the unexpected 
  • Term insurance can cost less than pizza

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Jim Tobin, CFP®

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Do I need life insurance? You ask, Everyone is always telling you, "you need life insurance".

If you have been getting  this advice over and over from your spouse, family and friends, you may be starting to  to wonder if it's a conspiracy to get into your wallet.

The truth is , the conspiracy is one of concern for the people  you care about. 

I Feel Fine. Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

The answer to this age old question is pretty straight forward: You can't reliably predict the future....

...And because you can't predict the future, you want to protect the people  care about  should you not be around.

If your spouse and/or children are dependent on your income to live, what happens to them if you die with no insurance? Sell the house? Skip college?Government assistance?

Term Life Is So Inexpensive That There Really Is No Good Excuse To Leave Your Family Unprotected

If this line of argument feels like a  guilt tactic it is because it is.

When protecting your family against your untimely demise cost less than pizza on Friday night, then there is no reason to leave your family unprotected. You can't really say you love them but would rather have the pizza?(This is true even though pizza is good!!!)

It's Not About Pizza Or Cable TV...Money Really Is Tight

If your on a tight budget we can work with you by lowering the face amount or shortening the term of the policy.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, ask yourself, if things are tough now, what would they be like without your paycheck?

If You Were To Die What Would You Want To Happen?

The answers to this timeless question will provide the basis for how much coverage you will want under ideal circumstances.

Because budgets and health conditions vary greatly what is ideal and what is real may not be the same thing. However, knowing what you want to happen should tragedy strike, whether it?s keeping the house or your kids going to college, is the best place to start.

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