Replacing Employer Based Life Insurance:

Top Burial Insurance Companies Reviewed

By James Tobin, CFP®

Critical Takeaways

  • Carrier Financial Strength  Ratings From A.M.
  • Best Product Strengths and Underwriting Niches Product
  • Pricing and  Marketplace Alternatives

Expert Review Of  Top Burial Insurance Carriers

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Jim Tobin,CFP®

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Why you can Have confidence in this review

At Workers Bequest, we value our editorial independence. We keep our reviews strictly factual so you can use them to make informed decisions. Life insurance carriers referred to on this site do not approve reviews. 

As final expense burial insurance has become a demanded product  several carriers have jumped into the market. We have written reviews on many of these carriers and their final expense products. Below is a list of what we believe to be the best in the business. 

A different List Than All the Others

We realize there are several sites with "best of" list out there. We also realize that some of our choices are very different.

Here's why.

In addition to not taking referral or "affiliate" income for clicks to a carriers site, we also only use carriers who will make a decision and an offer at the point of sale over the phone.  We are not interested in having a carrier spend days or weeks deciding if they will make an offer and then demanding original signatures. We prefer competitively priced carriers who take fast action and use recordings in lieu of signatures. This process is known as "voice signature" and it's the best way to get affordable policies issued fast.

What We Review

While we encourage you to follow the link to the full carrier review, we understand that people are busy.  Therefore we have provided the carrier highlights below along with a  link to  the full review.

Royal Neighbors

Rated A- by A.M. Best

Simplified Issue Whole Life Graded Issue Whole Life


Ages 50-85

Royal Neighbors Of America

The Royal Neighbors Life Insurance company was founded in 1895 and is known today for flexible underwriting and efficient processes. 

Among the notable underwriting niches is first day coverage for diabetic retinopathy as well as diabetic insulin shock.

However, diabetes is not the only reason to think of RNA. Unique among final expense carriers, RNA does not have a build chart for height and weight.

Lastly, RNA will issue policy immediately following the brief  phone interview. See full review.

Liberty Bankers

Rated B++ by AM Best

Simplified Issue Whole Life Modified Issue Whole Life


Ages 18-80

Liberty Bankers Life Insurance

Liberty Bankers Life Insurance was founded  in 1958 and is now one of the leaders in the "final expense" market place.

Among the notable underwriting niches is first day level coverage for COPD (no oxygen).  This is unique in the market. LBL is also known for diabetic underwriting.

While we love that LBL has both a preferred and a standard category that offers coverage on day one, we do not recommend the modified product.  See full review.

Prosperity life

Simplified Issue Whole Life Graded Whole Life           Modified Whole Life


Ages 50-80

Prosperity Life Group

Prosperity is a part of the Prosperity life group that includes the prestigious SBLI term carrier.  Prosperity has recently emerged as a marketplace contender with its' new Vista plan. 

Prosperity is competitively priced for level plans and known as a "diabetic friendly" carrier.

 As with most final expense carriers, we do not recommend the graded or modified plans. See review

Sentinel Security

Rated A+ by A.M. Best     

Level Whole Life                  Graded Whole Life            Modified Whole Life


Ages 0-85

Sentinel Security Life

Sentinel Security, founded in 1948, offers level and modified plans to customers. While Sentinel is currently only available in 32 states (but adding), they are often an excellent option for "stacking" a policy on top of RNA or Liberty Bankers.  

So, while seldom the firstoption, they do have their place. As with all WBLI burial cariers, they will issue a decision on the telephone after a brief interview.

Because pricing tends to follow behind RNA and LBL, Sentinel is usually not a first recommendation.

Gerber life

Rated A by A.M. Best

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life


Age 50-80

2 Yr.  Waiting Period

Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance

Gerber is best known in the United States for selling baby food. The baby food business added an insurance line to protect those babies.

This plan is known as Gerber Grow-Up Plan. Additionally, Gerber has a very competitively priced guaranteed issue policy.

With the exception of AIG's living benefit there is little to separate guaranteed issue product other than price and speed. On those metrics, Gerber is a top performer and our second most recommended GI product. Read more

American General 

Rated A+ by A.M. Best

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life


Ages 50-85

2 Yr.  Waiting Period

AIG  Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

AiIG is a well known and long tenured carrier with an international presence.  

The Guaranteed issue whole life product is often the best priced on the market . In addition to competitive pricing, AIG  is unique in the guaranteed issue marketplace for offering a living benefits rider.

Whenever guaranteed issue insurance is required, AIG is the first option for NODLB.COM.  Read all about it here:

Great Western Insurance

Rated A- by A.M. Best

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life


Ages 40-85

2 Yr.  Waiting Period

Great Western Guaranteed Issue

Guaranteed issue whole life from  Great Western is among the top choices in Guaranteed issue products. As with Gerber and AIG, the process is simple and quick. 

Great Western has an advantage over the other two in one respect: The Great Western plan will go down to age 40. This is rare in the guaranteed issue market.

However, once age 50 is attained Great Western is no longer competitive on price. If over age 50, we strongly recommend AIG  if available.

Mutual Of Omaha

Rated A+  by A.M. Best

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

Graded Whole Life 


Ages 45-85

Mutual of Omaha Living Promise

While we offer Mutual of Omaha, it is not a core carrier for us and here are the reasons:

While a fantastic carrier with great name recognition and competitive pricing, MoO will not give an immediate answer. Furthermore, the Living Promise product must be applied for with digital signatures using a computer. For many of our senior clients this is not an option. 

So, again, great product with good pricing but tricky application process. See more...

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