You have arrived at the starting point for the Preferred Best Project. If you have watched the animated video trailer (I'm told I look a little like George Jetson!), or read the accompanying post, you know  a little about  the Preferred Best Project.   

If you have asked to receive updates, thank you! if you haven't, but would like to, simply add your name and email at the bottom of the page.  

The Preferred Best Project starting point 

If anyone is familiar with of Six Sigma, the business management process made famous with it's adoption by Jack Welch and General Electric, then you know the underlying principal "you can't improve what you don't measure".

It is in that spirit that I am setting starting point baselines for everything that I will be measuring in the Preferred Best Project.

As a practical matter these baselines will not all be available from day one, but should all be available and posted within 30 days of the Nov. 6, 2017  start date.   

The metrics being covered will include both results from blood testing  as well as  physical activities such as 5K times.

 The Starting Point Metrics- Points of Emphasis

As laid out in previous posts, the Preferred Best project will  be testing & posting the results of the following tests:

Build (Height & Weight)

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol , HDL/HDL Ratio

Fasting Blood Sugar, A1C


Liver Function

Kidney Function

?In addition to the results of these tests  The Project may mention any test results that are not currently part of the project that would impact life insurance underwriting. 

An example of this will be the Prostate Specific Antigen  (PSA)  test. I am 51 years old and will be receiving this test at my annual physical.

In addition to medical tests, I will be including physical activity results ranging from steps measured by Fitbit to 5K times.

While these results won't usually be part of an underwriting decision, they can be used in a cover letter to bolster an application that is on the fence between underwriting classes.    

?Enough Talk, Lets Get This Party Started

The in progress results of this project will be updated regularly and always available here.

My current blood pressure measured by Higi Station is  136/94

My current weight is  304 Lbs.

My  current blood sugar reading is 112

My current cholesterol reading has not been tested and should be available by Nov. 30, 2017.

My current A1C is not yet available and is expected by Nov. 30, 2017

My current Kidney function test is not yet available and is expected Nov. 30, 2017.

My current liver function test is not yet available and is expected on  Nov. 30, 2017.

My first 5 K time will not be available for 9-12 weeks as I am doing the c??ouch to 5??k program . I will post the time then. However, I will be updating the progress of the program all along the way.    

  Join The Adventure!

I hope to be beta testing an underwriting rater in the next 2 months that will allow anyone to input the information they have and get a rating based on that info only (not penalizing for incomplete information).

I am doing this in the hope that others (both who need life insurance and those who don't) will join me in the quest for better health. With some traction, I hope to expand the site to include a free community area where members can post results , compare underwriting grades and  encourage one another. 

Until then, sign up for the updates and leave your comments on the page. Together, let's make 2017-18 the healthiest year possible.

Thanks for checking out the project's starting point and should you have any questions about the project or life insurance underwriting in general, please give us a call or drop an email.

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