So, why are you here?

If that seems an odd question from a blog that desires visitors, well, it is.  However, interest in the Preferred Best Project comes in many forms and it helps to know yours.

While for some, it's simply curiosity or  showing support for a friend (thank you!), for most it's self interest....

And to that we say Fantastic!

If your goal is to use this site to help you get in better health and save some money, welcome to the journey.

 What exactly is the Preferred Best Project?

If you haven't seen the trailer video , then the best description of the  Preferred Best Project is a "transparent  health improvement journey  measured both objectively (blood tests) and subjectively by life insurance underwriting guidelines."

Psst. the video, it's only 90 seconds

  Goals, Goals, Goals

The ultimate goals of the ?Preferred Plus Project? are to document how improving health, as measured by lab results, will improve both underwriting ratings and the accompanying premiums charged by specific life insurance companies.

Implicit in these goals is my improving health, which is one heck of a benefit. This is my starting point.

What Does Life Insurance Have to do With The Need to Get Healthy?

Fair question. It doesn't.

The need to be healthy is important in it's own right.

Even if you have no need for life life insurance, we encourage you to follow along and measure your progress by the standards the insurers set.  

After all, they have a tremendous amount of data on  the effect of ?health conditions on mortality. You don't need to buy life insurance to benefit from their knowledge base. 

How The Project Works?

The project will view how specific carriers will view specific lab results at random intervals.

These lab results will represent a snapshot of an aspect of my overall health at that time. These "snapshots" will be updated and posted  on a regular basis.

While life insurance exams take into account more than is practical for the purposes of this project, we will be testing for the major causes of ratings that are less than optimal. These labs will include:

Build (Height & Weight)

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol , HDL/HDL Ratio

Fasting Blood Sugar, A1C


Liver Function

Kidney Function

Tools of The Preferred Best Project

Blood testing will consist of both "do it yourself" glucose testing using a ReliOn meter and test strips .

The labs will be done individually (1 every 15-30 days) by a local lab services provider (Quest). I will be ordering the tests through Direct Labs.

Using a service like this allows for regular testing without the attendant physicians fees. You can learn more about understanding lab results here.

2017 Guide to Better Health (and life insurance rates)
2017 Guide to Better Health (and life insurance rates)
2017 Guide to Better Health (and life insurance rates)

In addition to updating my blood work, I will be using HIG??I stations to test for weight and Blood Pressure on a weekly basis and recording activity with a Fitbit.

Beyond helping myself and documenting the process, I hope to soon make the Preferred Best Project interactive (in beta now).

Doing so will allow all visitors to punch in their values for several of the  categories being monitored (build, blood pressure,& cholesterol to start) and know where they stand with life insurance companies.

Additionally, We hope to provide historical tracking accounts to document progress for all  visitors.

In the end, I hope that I am not the only one to be helped by this process. In fact I hope to build a community of "Preferred Best's"

Hikes ,Bikes, Recipes and Miselaneous Fun

On top of reporting progress and how that progress is viewed by individual life insurance companies, I will occasionally be sharing a recipe or activity that has been helpful.

2017 Guide to Better Health (and life insurance rates)
2017 Guide to Better Health (and life insurance rates)
2017 Guide to Better Health (and life insurance rates)

Please follow along with me by reading the updates and if you?d like to know more about ?do it yourself? lab testing click the link and have a look.

Important Note About Life insurance

While we hope that you are able to improve your health , it is of the utmost importance that you do not ?put off? getting life insurance until you are ?in shape? or think you will have an ?improved? rating.

If you have a need today (such as a family that depends on you), you can?t wait for a better rating. What you can and should, do is get covered now and you can re-apply for a better rate in the future.

All too often we do not control the events in our life (like the guy who runs a red light and broadsides you), don?t make the mistake of putting off what has to be done today in the hope that it will be better tomorrow.

Get covered and then get in shape and re-apply. You can figuratively have your cake and eat it too.

Lastly, should you have any questions about obtaining life insurance, with or without an exam, please feel free to look around the site and drop us a note or give us a call.

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