Replacing Employer-Sponsored Life Insurance plan with a Term Life Insurance Quote

By James Tobin®

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  • Decide on Terms before Shopping for Quotes
  •  The Best Carrier Will Be Different for Different People
  • Quote Tools Are  Dependent On Good Information

Expert Review Of  Choosing A term Life Insurance quote

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At Workers Bequest Life Insurance, we value our editorial independence. We keep our reviews strictly factual so you can use them to make informed decisions. Life insurance carriers referred to on this site do not approve reviews. 

You're looking to replace your Employer-Sponsored Life Insurance plan and looking up for a more suitable private policy or are simply researching how to choose a term life Insurance quote for your family, you have landed in a good spot.

This article will provide an overview of the issues you will face, and the best practices to address them, in deciding on the best term insurance plan for you and your loved ones. While this overview will not get into all of the the minute details involved in term insurance submission, it will provide several links to specific subjects that will get more in depth.

Finding the Best Term Insurance Plan: Where to Begin

The first step to obtaining the best term insurance plan for yourself is to decide what it is you need. In the world of life insurance, deciding what you need, is referred to as "choosing terms". The terms that you will have to decide on are "how much insurance?" and "for how long?".

This calculation is done by simply taking  any outstanding loans and adds that number to your income multiplied by the number of years until retirement. This number is then added to the cost of any known future expenses, including college costs if applicable.

The total is your gross need, from which you can subtract liquid savings, 70% percent of retirement funds and any in force life insurance that is personally owned.

Workers Bequest life Insurance has an in depth post on choosing terms that is part of the life insurance application process: step by step series

* I do not recommend using any group life insurance through your employer in the initial calculation, as there is no guarantee that your next employer will offer coverage.

Finding the Best Term Insurance Plan : What does "Best" really mean?

The answer to what is the "best" anything is very subjective. after al the question takes into account what it is that you like. Trying to decide on the best term insurance plan is no different. You need to decide what is most important to you.

In many cases, the decision will simply come down to cost. If you are in good to excellent health, this can be a simple process. you simply enter your information and get a quote with the quotes on this site

If, however, you have some health concerns, you will have to navigate the underwriting process more carefully as this can dramatically impact the cost of insurance.  If this is the case your best bet is to use the custom quote form. This will give you the best shot at an accurate rate projection. 

Now, back to the question  What does "best term insurance plan" mean to you? Would you prefer to obtain term coverage without taking a life insurance medical exam? If so, would you be willing to pay slightly more for avoiding the exam? ; or do you only prefer the option if it's still the best price?

What about underwriting turn times? Is it important to you that your policy be in place fast? Many carriers now offer accelerated underwriting and can have the policy in force in a week  or less. This option may or may not be available with the lowest priced carrier. Applicants who face divorce settlements, or SBA loan collateral requirements are often willing to choose this option even if it is not the least expensive. 

Do the privileges that come with specific riders concern you? Some of these riders such as a child rider, waiver of premium, living benefits, and conversion without proof of medical insurability can be of great value, particularly in later years. 

All of these "ingredients" go into determining what the best term plan is for your needs. The best way to sort though the process is with the help of an experienced independent life insurance agent. 

The importance of 'independent" can not be overstated. If you want to have an opportunity to get a policy that fits all your wants and needs at a favorable price, it's imperative that you have a seasoned hand with multiple options. In fact, most good independent agents will have access to  50+ carriers. You can view example case studies of the value of an independent agent when health conditions are present by viewing any of the specific condition posts

Choose a Term life Insurance Quote: Next Step

We are glad about the efforts you've made on checking out for a better upgrade for your Employer Sponsored Life Insurance Plan and finally decided on Workers Bequest. We are committed to a totally transparent process (we'll love to share our computer screen with you if you want us to), and making the application process as painless as possible.

Simply give us a call or send us an email and we can get you started. If you have any questions, We'd also like to hear them.

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