Kim K., Lady Gaga &  7 Other Celebs Who Suffered From Lupus

By James P. Tobin, CFP® 

See who has Lupus SLE/DLE  and how it affects their lives

So, What is a life insurance comparison shopping site doing writing about celebrities?

When I was a youngster my dad would often comment to me about some wealthy business figure, athlete or entertainer, that they put their pants on the same way I did .."one leg at a time"

Well, it turns out that it's not just everyday folks who suffer from Lupus. Whether, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE), several well known figures suffer from Lupus  also. Let's take a look at a few.

Kim Kardashian

The reality star tested positive for Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis antibodies  in 2019. The testing came about after concern was raised about tiredness, nauseousness, and swelling of the hands. Kardashian reportedly said " I feel as if I'm falling apart".  

The fact that she tested positive for antibodies does not mean she definitely has the condition. Lupus (and RA) are notoriously difficult to diagnose. The result being that a definitive diagnosis often takes a year or longer.

Kardashian disclosed that she was taking medication to address the situation. Lupus has no known cure and the most common treatments involve steroids.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is another case where the testing is inconclusive or borderline. However, Lady Gaga is very aware of the possibility as she has a family history of Lupus.

In fact, she has made donations to the Lupus Research Alliance in the name of her aunt Joanne who passed at the age of 19 from the condition.The musician continues to support Lupus research and encourages her supporters to do the same.


Musician Seal has a history with discoid lupus. Discoid Lupus affects the skin with severe rashes but does not affect internal organs like systemic SLE. The scarring on the musician's face is the result of discoid Lupus.

Buoyed by talent, the singer /songwriter has thrived in spite of his condition. Discoid lupus can be effectively treated with medications such as Hydroxychloroquine  and  chloroquine phosphate. According to Medscape It is also believed that these medications may prevent the development of systemic lupus SLE.

Selena Gomez 

Actress and songstress Selena Gomez suffers from Lupus SLE. In fact, when she told Billboard Magazine that when she took a break and was widely thought to be in an alcohol/drug rehab facility, she was actually undergoing chemotherapy to treat Lupus. More often thought about as a cancer drug, chemo can be used in low doses to fight autoimmune rheumatology diseases.

Additionally, the autoimmune disease has caused Gomez to receive a kidney transplant that was required due to damage caused by Lupus. Selena is doing well currently and we have are fingers crossed for her.

Nick Cannon

The musician and television personality was diagnosed with systemic Lupus SLE after being hospitalized in January 2012 with kidney failure and having life threatening blood clots in his lungs. Cannon has since become a prominent public figure in the fight to raise awareness for SLE.   

Cannon has associated himself with the Lupus Foundation and even acted as the grand marshal of the Walk To End Lupus (2016). He's been quoted as saying "I need to waive the flag that we can win this fight"

Charles Kuralt

The famous CBS Sunday morning newsman who passed in 1997 had been diagnosed with Lupus. The heart disease that eventually took his life may have been a complication of Lupus. 

Kuralt, who posthumously became a controversial figure, due to having an undisclosed second family, was never a prominent figure in the fight against Lupus.  His diagnosis came too late for him to have the opportunity to parlay his "on the road" fame into a public service announcement in support of Lupus research. 

Tim Raines

Because almost 90% of Lupus diagnosis are for women according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it's worth pointing out that men, even great athletes like Tim Raines, can get Lupus.  

Tim Raines, known as "The Rock" during his playing days, suffers from systemic Lupus SLE. After gaining unwanted weight and experiencing swelling of the hands while playing outfield for the Oakland A's, Raines visited his physician who diagnosed him with SLE following kidney tests. 

Millie Bush

While there are plenty of more well known people who suffer from Lupus, we decided to go with the 41st President and his wife Barbara's dog Millie. The reason is to point out that Lupus is not limited to humans.

Dogs can and do get a similar version of autoimmune Lupus that needs medication for irritated and painful skin. Millie lived to be 12. A pretty good age for a dog of that breed (English Springer Spaniel). 

I hope that this article has been both entertaining and informative. Should you have any questions about life insurance with Lupus, please contact us at the Workers Bequest Life Insurance. 

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