Annual Physical for Life Insurance

By James Tobin, CFP

Critical Takeaways

  • A regular physical is not required  for life insurance
  • A regular physical can help keep you healthy and save some money

Expert Review Of  Annual Physical for life insurance

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Jim Tobin, CFP®

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If you are wondering if you need a physical to get life insurance, the answer is no you don't. In fact a strong argument can be made that you should get the life insurance in place and then get the physical. Nonetheless this article is about why everyone should be getting a an annual physical.

Unlike most of the articles in this section of the website, this article is not about  how to obtain the best deal possible on life insurance while navigating a preexisting condition.

I certainly wish it that was the case. It is not.

This post is an update of a post from June 2014 that I will continue to re-post as long as this site is around. The purpose is to encourage everyone to make good decisions when it comes to their health.

A big part of making good decisions is to get an annual physical exam. Failure to do so can have catastrophic consequences. 

The Cost Of Not Getting A Physical

While it is not necessary to get a physical to get life insurance it's still a good idea to get an annual physical. The cost of not doing so may be the policy being used.                                                                        

I spent some time this last weekend attending and reflecting on a memorial for a friend Jim Clarke, age 55, who recently passed. Like many single people, he didn't eat as well as he could have and was not diligent about seeing a doctor.

After not feeling well for some time, he went to a local walk in clinic and had some blood taken and was prescribed an antibiotic. The next afternoon he received an urgent telephone message from the clinic that he should proceed directly to the hospital, as he was dangerously anemic.

It turned out that he was experiencing symptoms of advanced liver cancer. In the end, not a lot could be done beyond experimental medicine an palliative care. He declined precipitously and passed 10 weeks later.

I am not a doctor, and I cannot say that none of this would have occurred had he gone for a regular physical. In fact, our lives are littered with stories of people who take the correct actions only to have an unfair result.

However, I am confident that his chances for early detection and remedial action would have been far better had he been going for an annual physical. I, for one, wish he had.

But, "I  Don't  Want To Get A Regular Physical"

Well, buck up buttercup. We all do things we don't necessarily want to.

While it may  be "no fun",  and even scary, the truth is that this is one of those things we have to do if we really care about ourselves or our family. 

So while an annual physical can be inconvenient, physically uncomfortable and costly (depending on your health insurance situation), they are nonetheless, worth the trouble.

In addition to possibly saving your life, it can have the added benefit of saving you money when it comes to the cost of life insurance.

A Regular Physical Can Save You Money...Really

Life insurance underwriters are far more comfortable assessing positive ratings to folks who have a history of a regular physical.

So, for reasons personal and professional , I encourage everybody to see a doctor on a regular basis. It is, after all, in your self interest.

If you have any questions about how your medical history will affect your life insurance quote, please contact us.

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